We are Cloud People

You have the vision to grow, transform and accelerate your business. IGNW gives you everything you need to execute on your vision in the Cloud- faster, more economically and with the most resiliency, security, performance and ease than you ever dreamed possible…

Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud Analysis, Strategy and Planning

IGNW finds different organizations are at various stages in their journey to cloud adoption. Application and workload considerations, capacity planning, financial analysis and data integration are all challenges. IGNW can help your organization no matter where you are on your cloud journey. If you are looking for a partner to rollout a specific project or assist you in analyzing your current internal spend, we can help. We have experts on hand with deep backgrounds in both private cloud deployments as well as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google and Digital Ocean Public Cloud providers.
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Application Resiliency and Availability
Planning for application resiliency in cloud environments can present special challenges. Strategies can be similar to those used in traditional data centers, but implementations, processes and tools can be dramatically different.

Cloud application environments tend to favor scaling “out” (more nodes) vs scaling “up” to a bigger node like in legacy environments. Scale out enables more graceful degradation in the event of node failure. It also allows developers to add capacity in smaller units that can be finely tuned to immediate requirements, avoiding larger buys and attendant unused capacity. Scaling out does present different requirements for application availability. IGNW's Cloud Practice can help you plan and design for the nuances in application availability and resiliency in the cloud.
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Application Workload Migration
IGNW can dramatically simplify the task of taking your business applications to the cloud. After reviewing your current application architecture, we then determine any issues that could impede migration of each specific workload. If required, we can modify the application or develop creative hybrid solutions to solve specific migration challenges. By utilizing our proven methodologies and real-world experience we can transform your company into a cloud-enabled organization. That’s a competitive advantage!
Application Oriented Security Engineering
Data Security is a primary concern of most companies in today’s technology ecosystem. Private, public and hybrid application and infrastructure strategies create security complexity that can be extremely confounding. IGNW has extensive experience with security assessments, strategic planning and policy development. We have both CISO’s and CISSP’s on staff to provide services across a wide spectrum of areas. We can also help you drive focused deployment projects of products and solutions including Cisco Systems and Palo Alto Networks.
Application Centric Network Engineering
Regardless of your cloud strategy, operating or establishing a well-engineered network is critical to run internal and external application workloads. New types of application and workload delivery require new ways of thinking about the network! IGNW can help you define an application centric network strategy, design and implement software defined local and wide area networks, perform a performance and readiness assessment of your current network or even analyze your current telecommunication and connectivity strategy and expenses.

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