IGNW and our Software Technology Group work with some of the largest manufacturing organizations in the world. Whether it's manufacturing silicon chips, apparel or even airplanes, IGNW can help your manufacturing organization become more efficient!.

IGNW helps you with the people and technology solutions to connect, secure and analyze your manufacturing floor, so you can focus on your core business.

Our teams understand what matters to your business, infrastructure solutions, custom software solutions and services to help make your factory and machines IOT ready.


IGNW can help you find qualified and experienced industry experienced contractors who understand how manufacturing and technology works in YOUR industry. Whether you make apparel, steel or semi trucks, IGNW will quickly and efficiently add people or assemble high-performance teams to implement at-scale technology and software solutions that deliver results!


IGNW knows manufacturing. Our software development, DEVOPS, system integration and infrastructure projects enable the factory floor to rapidly scale and enable operational transformation. Whether you need to write custom web front ends to integrate systems, rewrite software for factory floor machines, reprogram or write software for PLC’s or design infrastructure for manufacturing resilience, IGNW can help!


IOT - The Internet of Things is changing business models, increasing output and automating processes in manufacturing. Smart Manufacturing via IOT improves efficiency and productivity of manufacturing operations. IGNW can retrofit IOT sensors and software to existing manufacturing equipment, and add data creation and collection within your manufacturing operation, creating the data that you need to jumpstart your IOT initiatives.

CLOUD - Manufacturers are under constant pressure to increase accuracy, make process speed a competitive force and capitalize on their internal intelligence and knowledge to make every supplier, distributor and service interaction count.

IGNW can help with cloud-based strategies to give your manufacturing operation more efficiency, resiliency and cost savings. Whether it's helping you with a cloud strategy, reformatting your applications to move to the cloud or helping with your data management strategy in your IOT solution to reduce cloud costs, IGNW has the experience to make rain!

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