Software Development Services


A Project Oriented Software Development Approach

IGNW's Software Development Services take a project oriented software development approach to solve your specific problem. Our job is to listen to the client, understand the business needs, develop project and software requirements, and then create, deliver and deploy powerful software solutions on time and within budget using industry standard project management methods.

IGNW, through our Software Technology Group, provides consulting services, turnkey projects and software solutions. Our software developers have the ability to seamlessly integrate innovative software, cutting-edge hardware and experienced, insightful consulting into one package. The result is a powerful, comprehensive development solution that allows you to focus on developing your business instead of software.

Proficiency in a Host of Tools and Environments

  • ASP.NET/C# or VB/SQL Server/MVC
  • HTML5, CSS-3
  • AJAX, JavaScript, JQuery
  • Java, C++, Python, Perl
  • PLCs, RSView, Ladder Logic, Robotics
  • Machine Vision, Motor Control
  • National Instruments LabView, TestStand
  • Multi-threading, RTOS, kiosks
  • Windows, Apple, Android
  • Arduino, PIC, ARM, Raspberry Pi, 8, 16, 32, 64 bit processors

Key Focus Areas

  • Planning, Requirements and Design
  • Front End Application Implementation
  • Back End Database Implementation
  • Embedded Development
  • QA & Testing

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