Solution Consulting

Partner with a Team that Can Speak IOT, Dev, Social, and Cloud Apps

VARS and Solution Providers are continually looking for a competitive advantage, and ways to help their customers and clients to be more successful, but building new practices is expensive and risky.

IGNW partners with VARS, SPs and technology companies to enable new solutions in Software, IOT and Cloud. We wear YOUR shirts and help you to put your best foot forward by integrating our practices into yours, creating better business results and more margins for you, and much more value for your customers!

IGNW helps you correctly design the perfect screening and hiring process,
then marries it to an onboarding process that measures success every step of the way.

IOT Practice

Integrate our practice into yours. We help YOU speak IOT.

Cloud Practice

Let our Continuous Delivery and DEVOPS Practices be your cloud differentiator!

Software Development Solutions

Let IGNW be your in-house development team!

We’re Ready When You Are