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State & Local Government

With budget cutbacks, deficits and a sketchy political environment, it is more and more difficult for state and local government institutions to fulfill their important missions. As pressure continues on funding, populations continue to rise and citizen expectations of speedy service and response times have dramatically increased.

IGNW helps governments scale and offer the services citizens expect, allowing your team to focus on core requirements.

Services that we can provide to enable state and local governments:

  • Affordable, reachable, deployable IOT strategies for emergency management, transportation, public services and utility services
  • Practical cloud solutions including application migration (including difficult “stranded” apps), application resiliency, application delivery and off the shelf or custom cloud-to-cloud application program interfaces
  • Affordable and agile IT staffing and contract staff, including software, hardware, infrastructure, security, healthcare IT and more
  • Complex program and project management for software engineering, including development, testing, quality assurance and independent verification and validation (IV&V)
  • Systems data integration: CAC/CDI, EMR, ERP, CRM, IOT and embedded device/data services
  • Infrastructure assessment and improvement
  • Risk assessment
The IGNW team has years or experience working with some of the largest state and local governments in some of the most complex projects. We understand both the opportunities and the constraints of the public sector. Contact us for more information.

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